Gentle cleaning of high-quality glassware

Can delicate, expensive wine glasses really be washed in a dishwasher? Yes, perfectly, as long as it’s a Miele!brEven high-quality delicate stemware can be washed in a Miele dishwasher with no risk. This is confirmed by Riedel, manufacturer of wine glasses. Maximilian Riedel recommends Miele dishwashers for washing his glasses (hand-blown and machine-blown):
“That our high-end glassware can be perfectly and gently washed in a Miele machine is nothing new to us. A Miele dishwasher makes it easy to care for your glasses perfectly. To ensure that our glasses are cleaned gently, we specifically recommend that they are washed in a Miele dishwasher. This produces better results than washing them by hand.”br(Maximilian Riedel)
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