Save the environmental way

Taking responsibility for our environment has been a tradition at Miele for more than 120 years. We want to protect our natural environment, as it is the foundation for our existence. This is why, as a premium domestic appliance manufacturer, we continuously focus on the development of sustainable and innovative refrigeration appliances.
Economical and eco-friendly cooling and freezing
Only top-quality components, which contribute to low energy consumption as a result of their perfect compatibility are used in Miele refrigeration appliances. These include not only energy-saving compressors and long-life LEDs, but also features such as NoFrost, which go hand in hand with intelligent controls. 
Even more sustainable cooling
For more than 10 years now, Miele has been conducting research into complex freshness systems designed to extend the shelf life of our customers’ food products, thus contributing to greater convenience and flexibility while at the same time significantly reducing food waste. Over 70 % of all Miele refrigeration appliances are equipped with a freshness system, offering customers the best way to protect their food and keep it fresh. 
New EU energy label for refrigeration appliances
These new EU directives aim to continue reducing energy consumption within Europe, helping to promote environmental protection efforts as a result. Adjusting the scale also serves to improve the comprehensibility and assessment of products for consumers. 
The key changes at a glance
New statutory requirements and the more stringent limits that have been introduced for energy classes mean appliances will be recategorised into energy efficiency classes.By getting rid of the plus categories of energy efficiency class, e.g. A+++, and reclassifying appliances as A to G, it will be easier for consumers to compare different products.As of 1 March 2021, you will be able to access further information about your appliance by scanning the QR code, which will take you to the EU database (EPREL).
Features depend on model