Which freezing system would you like?

With ComfortFrost the need for defrosting is much less frequent. Thanks to the evaporator in the rear and side panels, ice builds up much more slowly inside the appliance. This saves you the effort of frequent defrosting.
Freezing is the best solution for long-term storage of food. This method retains vital nutrients and flavours for a long time, and food is available when needed. With modern freezing technology, Miele refrigeration appliances have the cold temperatures reliably and conveniently under control – for perfect results and excellent enjoyment of food.
With the NoFrost system you never have to defrost your Miele refrigerator again. The system distributes cold, dry air evenly so that ice cannot form in the interior cabinet. Furthermore, ice deposits do not form on your frozen food and, without layers of ice on the interior, drawers can always be opened and closed easily. NoFrost offers maximum convenience for freezing food and saves you the hassle of defrosting – forever.
Features depend on model