Downdraft Extractor

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Edge extraction

Decorative panels instead of metal grease filters

Efficient and beautiful: With edge extraction grease filters are concealed by a stainless steel or glass panel.

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Active AirClean filter

A completely odour-free kitchen

Efficient odour absorption: the disposable filter with active charcoal must be replaced regularly.

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Safety switch-off

Always on the safe side

Sensible, even in case of operating errors: the cooker hood switches off automatically after 10 hours.

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Things worth knowing about Miele Downdraft Extractor

Miele filter systems for recirculation mode

Cleaner air thanks to active charcoal filters 

Miele recirculation mode cooker hoods are particularly efficient in removing odours. This is ensured by a special active charcoal filter that reliably absorbs odours. The clean air is then circulated back into the kitchen. This process is particularly energy-saving because, unlike extraction mode, there is no heat loss. To remove odours, Miele offers various active charcoal filters that ensure clean air while cooking. The selection of filters depends on the model.

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